UNA Productions returns!

UNA returns


Sonic. Post-punk. Amos.

photo by: axis alcala

These are three words that somehow stuck in my head hours after our set at Amos Cafe for UNA Production‘s Plug it. Play it. gig last night. We hope we get more sets so we can get to experiment more with the audio direction that’s beginning to emerge ever since DeathToPuberty has started to play more often as a band rather than just me playing solo with an acoustic guitar. It is quite interesting also that we’re heading more towards the sound of post-punk and 90s indie rock which is a far cry from the emo meets punk rock sound of PayItForward. It was also great to have Simon to join us and to fill-in for Grace’s guitar duties and also great to have JP aboard again on drums, while Ten, is still in top shape on the bass guitar and was still able to play in spite of the intense stomach pains that she having last night. All in all it was a great gig and in behalf of the entire band I would like to thank Axis and Troy of UNA Productions, ¬†for having us play again in their production and for tolerating us for the generous flood of sonic disruption that is our music.

Just like a trip to Morodor

I remember sending a text message on the way to venue saying that the gig way there was like ’embarking on a journey to Morodor’. It might very well be and just like in the Lord of the Rings it was a journey worth taking. Just look at how happy we all looked after our set. Big thanks to Axis and Troy of UNA Productions for having us pay our respects to John Lennon. Click here for more pictures