At the Bottom of Everything

Here’s a live take on DeathToPuberty’s recent performance at last month’s Lakefest. Anyways this is the same song and same set that’s also been taken by Jef of Konspirazine. Only difference is that this one’s shot at a different angle and was taken by Aldrin Peralta.


Live @Lakefest 2011

What’s interesting with my recent visit to San Pablo’s Lakefest is that apart from watching great bands, meeting and talking with really cool people I also got the chance to do an impromptu performance as DeathToPuberty. Here is a footage of my take on Bright Eyes’ At the Bottom of Everything. Big thanks to Jeff who also publishes Konspirazine and manages a really extensive blog called The Real Strength (I take that the title was inspired by Biofeedback’s song on the album Hardtimes ) that catalogs the Philippine underground music scene. Anyways hope you’ll like the song. You can also read more about it on The Space in Between