Serenading the river


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A very late post-Earth Decay reflection

Photo by: Mel Dolorico

I guess it always takes time to process significant ordeals that one has gone through before it can be articulated into words that would mean something.

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Lineup changes


I cannot think of any other way to welcome DeathToPuberty’s newest member other than that of quoting, Lao Tzu who once said that, “a journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” The eve of Greenpeace’s 40th anniversary, Grace of the all female indie rock act The Shocking Details made her debut as a session guitarist for DeathToPuberty. Click here for more pictures

Buhawi Meneses Acoustic Night 2

Last Tuesday, Buhawi Meneses of Parokya Ni Edgar and Franco was gracious enough to let DeathTuPuberty crash his fundraising gig for Greenpeace at the 70s Bistro. It’s always inspiring to see fellow musicians putting up gigs for organizations like Greenpeace which do not secure their resources from governments, political parties and corporations. In punk ethics Greenpeace works ala-DIY in as far as it depends solely on the contributions of likeminded people such as Buhawi Meneses and the other musicians that performed there as well. More power Buwi, you rock! Click here for more pictures of DeathToPuberty’s set.

On stage with Buwi Meneses

Photo by: AC Dimatatac

A couple of weeks ago I was able to share the stage with Buwi Meneses, the outstanding bassist of Parokya Ni Edgar and Franco, in a benefit gig that he generously organized for Greenpeace. It was  great to be on-stage again.  You can read more about the gig in a blog post that Buwi wrote at the Greenpeace Philippines’ blog.

Joining the Energy [R]evolution bandwagon

Photo by: Gigie Cruz-Sy

Some of the country’s well-known indie artists and talented bands have joined a Greenpeace campaign to demand renewable energy targets from the government, as a long term solution to helping mitigate the global climate change crisis. I was able to perform alongside them in one of the gigs related to the campaign push. Read more about it on the Greenpeace Philippine website.