Spacetalk @IDB

Here’s a footage of our take on My Parasol’s Spacetalk from our set last Saturday at IDB’s Anniversary gig where we were able to share the stage with awesome acts like Cerumentric and Legarda.

Video courtesy of Crapsalad,


DeathToPuberty | Love Letter

I didn’t realize that Sannee of Crapsalad Videos recorded this song, I only realized it when Darwin of Richard Collier posted this video on my Facebook wall. I remember first hearing this song more than 6 years ago. That was before DeathToPuberty and my band at the time was just recovering from a long hiatus, and somehow playing it last January 21 is a reaffirmation for me to continue playing and writing songs with or without a band.  Click here to watch more videos from other bands during the Reclaim the Night Richard Collier tribute gig.