at the bottom of everything


Lo-fi lullabies

I have come to the conclusion that insomnia finds good company in objects like a  battered acoustic guitar. After suffering many sleepless nights I’ve often found it  effective to lull myself to sleep by playing songs in my guitar. It was a little more than a year ago when I discovered that such an endeavor therapeutic for my chronic  inability to sleep soundly. These are my favorites. I recorded them using my old tape deck and a 4-track recorder hence the term ‘lo-fi’.  For those who find it difficult to sleep, it might be worthwhile exploring these songs that have always made me drift into slumber. Sweet dreams.

Live @Lakefest 2011

What’s interesting with my recent visit to San Pablo’s Lakefest is that apart from watching great bands, meeting and talking with really cool people I also got the chance to do an impromptu performance as DeathToPuberty. Here is a footage of my take on Bright Eyes’ At the Bottom of Everything. Big thanks to Jeff who also publishes Konspirazine and manages a really extensive blog called The Real Strength (I take that the title was inspired by Biofeedback’s song on the album Hardtimes ) that catalogs the Philippine underground music scene. Anyways hope you’ll like the song. You can also read more about it on The Space in Between