concussions that demand closure

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Is still relevant?

i am in jakarta now with not a lot to do so i decided to go back and visit DeathToPuberty’s purevolume account and to my surprise a lot has changed since i logged in there… so i uploaded some songs and i tried to modify the layout and update the text and stuff and it seems to me that it still somewhat cool especially for indie acts that have little to put out their stuff…

so if you ask me if whether or not is still relevant the only answer that i could give you is i don’t know, but still why not use it after all its all about getting your music to a wider music so why not?

by the way checkout our new profile there:

>Techno no?

>Things have been getting weird lately… I have been going beyond the bounds of what is supposed to be ‘orthodox’ within punk rock.

I’ve been mixing the demo songs I’ve recorded at home with drum and bass samples.

And I must say that it was a quite enjoyable mix…
—>click here to listen to the new track<— anyways yesterday I also got a surprise from Gato who apparently has finished doing the cd design for DeathToPuberty's tentative EP