Movin’ Up Movin’ On

Photo by: The Skeleton Years

Photo by: The Skeleton Years


A night at Lakefest

Photo by: Albert Lozada

Lakefest came as a surprise after the event unfolded after our set and I guess the take-away for us in the experience of it all is for us to be concious of such contradictions that exist in ourselves and perhaps the conciousness of them would inform us to make the best effort to be authentic if we are indeed serious in staying true to the alternative conciousness that we are promoting. Thanks to everyone who invited us, to those who came, and watched our set in spite of us not being a hardcore punk band. We will truly cherish the memories of having to play to such a dynamic scene as that of San Pablo. Click here for more photos

start shouting

Its always a blast for us to try something different as a musical unit. We always find it interesting to cover songs from artists that have been influential in our craft. AMOS has given us that chance to perform for their Radiohead night where we were able to perform Radiohead’s Fake Plastic Trees (from The Bends) and Stop Whispering (from Pablo Honey). Click here for more pictures

answering “why?”

Photo by: Lorenzo Bautista

Last Saturday I found myself dumbfounded with a question that I was asked about DeathToPuberty in our gig at AMOS Cafe: “Why did you name your band DeathToPuberty?”

This was the question that the host posed as me and the rest of the band prepared our instruments for our set. I wasn’t able to answer it though partly because I never really took the time to think about it, and now I think I can more or less give a response that I think is part of why I took a fancy at the name DeathToPuberty.
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