answering “why?”

Photo by: Lorenzo Bautista

Last Saturday I found myself dumbfounded with a question that I was asked about DeathToPuberty in our gig at AMOS Cafe: “Why did you name your band DeathToPuberty?”

This was the question that the host posed as me and the rest of the band prepared our instruments for our set. I wasn’t able to answer it though partly because I never really took the time to think about it, and now I think I can more or less give a response that I think is part of why I took a fancy at the name DeathToPuberty.

Basically, it is related to my musical departure to the raw punk rock sound of my former band, Pay It Forward, which is heavily influenced by awesome 90s bands that combined catchy melodies with adolescent angst. In a way DeathToPuberty is a conscious departure from the adolescent angst about life in general that was prevalent in the lyrical and musical themes of Pay It Forward.

Whereas Pay It Forward , wrote angsty songs, DeathToPuberty ,took the approach of focusing more on the sombre frustrations that comes after growing out of puberty. It is in a way a bit more reflective and more realistic in putting words to the hopes, dreams and frustrations that come in life.

Photo by: Lorenzo Bautista

I try to think of it as similar to Bob Mould‘s departure from the dissonant sound of Husker Du to the melodic sensibilities of Sugar. It is a reinvention of style and outlook that doesn’t cast away the baggage of the past but rather attempts to reorient those pent up anxiety into something more understandable that the distorted sonic “fuck you” of punk rock, without altogether giving up on the whole DIY ethic and emotional honesty that makes it a gem of discovery for me in high school.


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