Reclaim the night

Photo by: Aaron Canon

There is always that cathartic feeling of urgency whenever you get yourself caught in the middle of a great set from a great band that you haven’t heard in years.

That’s how I would like to describe that exact moment in time when amidst a crowd of friends and kindred souls as I screamed:

“…for the love of death…I offer you this love, I offer you this life, with you by my side, hold me now, I’ll give you my everything…”

At the top of my lungs in a climax of buzzing guitars and a staccato of breakdowns and blast beats.
It reminds me again of how it feels like to be young, hopeful and confused. At this point in the lives of those in my age, such feelings are something worthwhile. They are much needed distractions to the cacophony of routine and the mundane because we’ve long passed the point of living solely on adolescent enthusiasm.

Thank you Richard Collier for that quickening of our hearts, minds and spirit, in another time we’ll surely meet again.


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