A very late post-Earth Decay reflection

Photo by: Mel Dolorico

I guess it always takes time to process significant ordeals that one has gone through before it can be articulated into words that would mean something.

That perhaps best explains why it took me a more than a month to write something about Earth Decay 2011 as apart from the awe inspiring bands of the 7 Lakes Scene the whole act of getting to the venue was an odyssey of sorts for me and my other Greenpeace colleagues who’re supposed to be there for the parts related to the substance of the event, since our vehicle broke down in the middle of SLEX along San Pedro, Laguna.

To cut to the chase, we arrived 4 hours delayed and falling short of our commitment to help out beyond playing the gig. I could spend more time writing about the ordeal but instead I would rather use this space to write about a more pressing issue at hand which is the very reason why I, DeathToPuberty and Greenpeace folks have chosen to take part in the yearly Earth Decay festival.

We are living in dangerous times…

It has been said that human experience unfolds in story, and in understanding the plight of the environment I think a story is a good starting point in speaking about the problems that our environment face today. Because stories are vehicles of putting our experiences and our beliefs into a coherent narrative to which we are challenged to learn a moral lesson from. That is why I would like to start with an old North American Cree Indian legend:

“There will come a time when the Earth grows sick and when it does a tribe will gather from all the cultures of the World who believe in deeds and not words. They will work to heal it…they will be known as the “Warriors of the Rainbow.”

I believe that we are living in these times

Photo by: Mel Dolorico

The earth is sick, experience and empirical evidence shows that there is something terribly wrong with the planet: we can no longer drink water without knowing where it comes from; the air we breathe doesn’t only smell bad but actually is bad for our lungs; our food is either scarce or are treated with synthetic chemicals; the sight of animals are now rarer than ever; pollution comes to a point that it is already drastically changing the climatic systems of weather

For the most part we are to blame for this because we have for the better part of the past 150 years come to see ourselves as the center of all that exists and all the other things that exists alongside us are but mere resources, this mindset is dangerous because it is a contempt of the basic principle of equity and sustainability which is necessary for the planet to be able to supply the needs of all that lives in it. We are producing and consuming more stuff on a finite planet.

The consequences of this are becoming dire especially if it is seen in light of climate change.

Thus the needs to take upon the challenge of the story to become warriors of the rainbow to become activists who make our actions speak louder than our words.

Because ultimately Earth’s decay may come to a point of no return…


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