Performing for climate justice

Photo by: Nori Tolibas

Earlier today, I performed at a protest near the US Embassy for climate justice. I was there because I believe that there is a fundamental disparity with regards to the response of developed nations towards the impending climate crisis to which is already wreaking havoc on island nations like the Philippines.

One international report rates the Philippines as among the countries that are ‘most vulnerable and least prepared’ to face the impacts of extreme weather events brought about by the rapidly changing climate. What is ironic about this is that when it comes to the per capita greenhouse gas contributions the Philippines contributes less than 1% to the global figures of greenhouse gasses that causes global warming that induces climate change. Unlike the industrialized countries like the United States which has historically contributed more than half of the global greenhouse gas emissions that brought us to this crisis.

What is more alarming is that up to now they try to ignore the issue by going to the point of questioning the findings of the scientific establishment with regards to climate change. I performed because I believe that the status quo of the US’s attitude towards the issue of climate change and climate justice demands that they should take responsibility for this catastrophe to which countries like the Philippines are suffering now. Click here for more pictures


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