Buhawi Meneses Acoustic Night 2

Last Tuesday, Buhawi Meneses of Parokya Ni Edgar and Franco was gracious enough to let DeathTuPuberty crash his fundraising gig for Greenpeace at the 70s Bistro. It’s always inspiring to see fellow musicians putting up gigs for organizations like Greenpeace which do not secure their resources from governments, political parties and corporations. In punk ethics Greenpeace works ala-DIY in as far as it depends solely on the contributions of likeminded people such as Buhawi Meneses and the other musicians that performed there as well. More power Buwi, you rock! Click here for more pictures of DeathToPuberty’s set.


Hell! No! Discord!

Hello, hello, how are you?
It’s been so long since I’ve seen you
Hello, hello, why did you go
Off to a place that no one knows
Hello, hello I missed you
Hope you feel the same way too
Hello, hello how do you do?
Can’t wait to hear again from you
Hello, hello I can’t hear you
The signal’s faint what can we do
Hello, hello, well oh no
The day has gone oh so long
Hello, hello time’s come and gone
What’s done is done and in the past
Hello, hello sweet discord
You’ll never hear another word