>DeathToPuberty split with Oblong


Forgive me for being too self indulgent on this one…

DeathToPuberty started a few years back as a solo project which in time grew into a collaboration between myself, Cristina Derillo (of mEdCs and Restless Senseless) and Reginald Unigo.

Back then it is a form of escape from being tired of playing routine punk rock songs that has been the music of PayItForward which was my band at the time, and what came of the songs of DeathToPuberty were my compositions that are not really in tuned with the punk rock sound that the rest of the band was looking for…

So what I did was I continued to write songs in an acoustic guitar and eventually was able to record a number of songs in lo-fi using either my busted up tape deck, a micro-cassette recorder or my old school mp3 player in my room. Most of them are pretty messed up, fortunately there are some worth listening to… and they ended up in this split that was conceptualized during the early part of this year where I pitched it to Mark Dela Cruz of Oblong in Myspace eventually we were able to gather our materials and was able to come up with this split which we hope would give you a lo-fi encounter with our music back when we were still in our technological dark ages before digital recordings and such has made the creation of independent music more accessible than it was before… enjoy…

Oh and if you have time you might also want to visit our homes on the Internet

Oblong – http://www.myspace.com/iloveoblong

DeathToPuberty – http://www.deathtopuberty.tk

Also check out the sleeves which came from a myriad of photos that I’ve taken at various points in time.

Cover Back

Cick to enlarge the images

Feel free to download it here http://www.unityofoppositesrecords.web44.net/Lo-fi-encounters.zip


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