>DeathToPuberty & Live Earth

July 7, 2007

I suppose this day would in a sense live in ‘infamy’ because it will no longer be remembered merely as a point in time where the day, month and year fell into place to form a perfect date which turns out into a 777. But more importantly because it serves as a culmination of a long road towards the attainment of a long standing campaign for us humans to own up to our responsibility on the issue of human induced climate change.

Heralded by the An Inconvenient Truth an Academy Award-winning documentary film about climate change, specifically global warming, presented by former United States Vice President Al Gore and directed by Davis Guggenheim.

Shortly followed by Live Earth which was a series of worldwide concerts held on July 7, 2007 designed to raise awareness about man-made climate change and advocate environmentally friendly living. The concerts brought together more than 150 musical acts in eleven locations around the world and was broadcast to a mass global audience through radio, television, and the internet.

Keeping all that in mind it is also with pride and joy that DeathToPuberty was there to join the ranks of artists and musicians who’ve jumped the bandwagon of an enlightened view concerning climate change.

It was an honor to perform on the same stage with Noel Cabangon, Cynthia Alexander, Jeff Pagaduan and Joey Ayala, in the spirit of solidarity in order to sound the alarm on governments to opt for an uptake in renewable energy but also to celebrate on the inspiring fact that individuals can also do their part, by pledging to become wiser in their consumption of energy.

Only the coming days would tell us if a true and genuine sense of urgency was raised by the Live Earth concert. By now most of you have already read about other likeminded articles pertaining to the Live Earth concerts or of climate change.

But it is only insurmountable if the inspiring feeling that we all had during that day of art and music would be translated into actions that would be our individual contribution to the global movement that’s dedicated to combating the climate threat.