>DeathToPuberty tops NumberOneMusic.com


basically it is a music portal dedicated solely to the development and exposure of indie and unsigned artists. and i was able to come accross it last monday and it has a lot of cool features that’s not available in pure volume well anyways i signed up for an account in it and basicaly the following day i got sort of fan mails from a lot of folks and subscription to the mailing list in the site which is quite cool and to date the songs there have been played for 425 times which is more than twice of the plays that i already got from pure volume for a few months now. and just this morning when i checked DeathToPuberty is now the #1 band in the emo-indie rock genre

And on the overall standing of songs in their charts the cover of The Cure’s A Letter to Elise is
is pegged at #3 while on #4 is my cover of Seona Dancing’s More to Lose.

Over all its simply amazing.

see the link below for reference on the charts