Reconciling reality

Don’t you dare take advantage of what I’m doing
It’s not that I’m selfish it just comes natural
After all that you’ve done after all those things
That you said to me last night
You took me for granted and I don’t blame you
I’m just so gullible to your pretty face
To how you looked and the way you smiled
As you held my hand last night
I guess I’m all to blame why can’t things me the same
Nothing but black and white and no complex shades of grey
I am sick and tired of these twisted knots and these thread of lies
I just want to move on to get on with my life
But it looks as though that you’re here to plague me
For the rest of my life for the rest of my life


>this continued state of hiatus is killing me…

>it has really been quite a while now since i’ve started doing anything about this project i’ve been locked into a maze of deadlines and stuff that ought to be completed on a given sched that i’ve no longer had the time as well as the energy to pursue DeathToPuberty hopefully this would be resolved in no time i’ve already been arranging to have jeanie’s sister tina to help me out as a second member of DeathToPuberty so that the musical part would no longer be as troublesome as it is at present. hopefully if time is a luxury i’ll set up a section for her on this site.