>what is death to puberty?


death to puberty is about the feeling of what it’s like when you’re hearing the sound of tears as it rolls down your cheeks, pouring with it all the pains of that reality has brought upon you.

it is the twisted combination of moans and drastic guitar playing. it is an influence of emotion and the sound of billy brag, elvis costello, rocky votolato, dashboard confessional, bright eyes and the likes.

it is dull and yet personal. it does not compromise to please one’s ear nor does it aspire to be recognized as something that is great. it is a therapeutic venture.

but what started out as a personal escape from the shadow of PayItForward in a way has seemingly evolved into a collective collaboration between chuck baclagon, christina derillo and reginald unigo so as to form a more cohesive sound to the resonating noise of DeathToPuberty.


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